Fendi, Fendi, Fendi - you confuse me so ....


Look out Singapore!!
Jan 10, 2006
I went to the Fendi flagship store here in Hong Kong ... and I left a totally disoriented and confused person ... I am not sure I recognize what the 'theme' of the bags are anymore ...

I mean every major design house has its signature - Chanel with the quilting and the chains, LV with the monogram canvas ... but Fendi has so many different styles and lines ... I can't even identify a particular line or style anymore ...

I am a Spy owner ... and that and the baguette and quite possibly now the B bags are indeed unique ... but aside from these, there appears to be such a mish mash of styles and patterns - has anyone seen what I call the clown prints? It is the Fendi Logo in the 'new' script pattern ... with a bunch of floating balls of various colors ... in my opinion it is hideous ....

So what makes Fendi unique is now instead driving me crazy ... does anyone else feel this way?


Jan 29, 2006
After the baguette boom, I'm shocked Fendi even managed to pull the Spy out from between its buttocks. I think the handbag line seems to be in major decline...


Look out Singapore!!
Jan 10, 2006
Ok - everyone has their favorite houses and designers and stuff ... and even ones that I will NEVER touch (sorry D&G, Cavalli, Gucci and Versace Fans) ... at least from year to year the basic them of the designer or the house is evident ... I appreciate updates and deviations ... but Fendi - it truly is a mad house ...

I am not at all enamored with the B (as I said in a previous post I am soooo glad I opted for the Dior Gaucho) ... it is not (at least here) displayed well ... but right next to it, you have some bags with that new funky script logo and the FF's and you have weird patterns ... I mean frankly I though Chanel went off course with those cutsey pink and yellow cruise collection print bags ... but sorry ladies, Fendi takes the cake for disarray ...

plus you still have the baguettes floating around ... and the Bag It ...which for the life of me I can't figure out ....

Fendi needs a sharper focus ... and fast ... I don't know how the B is doing back home (U.S.) but the fact that there are tons readily availble on eLux and Neiman and Bergdorf and Saks ... makes me wonder if they are truly as 'it' as they were thought to be ....

Oh and after leaving Fendi - went for greener pasteurs and bought the BV Ball in Chocolate ... what a beautiful classic bag - that does not look trendy or trashy .... age appropriate and perfect. I know I am going to get a lifetime out of that bag ...

and the Guacho for its fun, sexy appeal - great going out bag!!


Mar 19, 2006
Karl Lagerfeld is trying to revolutionize the brand, Fendi. From what I see, Fendi is more on artistic collections. I love Fendi though. For me, I love the creative use of materials from laces to fur.



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Feb 26, 2006
the global village
I think varieity is everywhere, not just with Fendi. Chanel may be famous for the 2.55 because it's a classic, but look at their cambon range. Same for LV and Dior and Celine. I think what makes Fendi stand out is that they consistently make GOOD bags - high quality leather and limited quantity. Which explains why so many IT bags come from Fendi.