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  1. I think Fendi's men's bags are a lot more fun than Hermes. I do really like some Hermes styles, like the HAC (my unobtainable dream bag) and the Kelly briefcase. However, some of their other men's styles seem a bit too formal or serious to me. They have a beautiful air of sophistication in their designs, but nothing that makes me want them. Meanwhile, Fendi makes some men's bags that are love at first sight. I'm eyeing a second Peekaboo in a different colour, and one of the new XLite Peekaboo Fit bags.
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  2. #1607 May 24, 2019
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    So I'm new to the world of Fendi bags for men, and I've been curious about the Peekaboo X-Lite Fit bags recently. Then today this happened and I fell in love instantly...
    I matched it with this strap to get a subtle hit of Fendi logo. The back pocket is lined in Python too. Obsessed with it!!! What do you think?

  3. Love it! Congrats!!
    I'm thinking a lot about the the X-Lite lately..

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  4. The X-Lite Fit is very high on my wish list right now. I love the style, and I love the one you got. The strap adds the perfect amount of Fendi branding to your bag.

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  5. Sunday stroll IMG_20190616_161918_1_mr1560699269357.jpg
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  7. More casual look with peekaboo, in Givenchy and Balmain + H gladiator sandals. 65287050_10162539470650455_8330544036477665280_o.jpg
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  8. Looking great! I love your mod shots!

    Keep them coming!
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  9. What is everyone's thoughts on the men's version of the Baguette? Has anyone seen it yet in person... I like it, but I feel as though they are trying to do too many things with the bag at once (waist bag, cross body, shoulder, clutch - what other ways can you carry it?).
  10. I tried it on in Monte Carlo recently and while I think the bag is innovative, there is a bit much going on. To wear it as a belt bag, two leather flaps with slits have to be untucked from the back of the bag. Then the separate fabric belt strap has to be looped through both slits and locked in using a snap-button on each end. It seems rather fussy for a convertible bag. I guess there is no other way to do it since tucking the entire strap into the bag will make the bag really awkward and bulky. Maybe it should just come in a belt bag style, because using the bag with the long detachable leather strap makes it look like a man is using the women's version with a longer strap.

    The ones with the polished silver FF logo look quite feminine. The metallic pewter-colour one comes with a grey rubberized logo so I think it works a bit better.

    Unlike the men's Peekaboo, I don't think enough was done to the design to alter just enough to make it very masculine. Perhaps the FF logos should all have been leather-covered with the exact same colour as the rest of the bag so that they are still there, but more discreet.

    The Selleria leather of the bag is awesome, though.
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  11. I was actually wondering how the 'belt bag' portion of the bag worked... it confused me so much (as per the images on the website)!

    Thanks so much for the detailed description! Also for the price of the men's version, you mind as well go for the OG and opt for a women's one if the overall design of the bag is on the feminine side.

    I wonder if the Men's Baguette would be as popular as the Men's version of the Peekaboo....
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  12. I haven't posted a mod pic here for a while now. @Edia inspired me to use my Peekaboo again. I still love it so much. Also shown are my StrapYou and Fusto Bag Bug. Don't mind my socks (the shoes look better without them). These shoes, like most shoes, tend to cut my foot when I walk around a lot in them so the socks prevent that.
    20190824_173120_001.jpg 20190824_173215.jpg
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  13. How nice is your peekaboo @averagejoe! That can totally work as a carryon luggage for sure!
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  14. Here's my old peekaboo from 2015. I took him to the office today. :cool:

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  15. This was from the female line I suppose ?
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