Fendi Fellas

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  1. I don't use anything around the handles of my bags. My palms are dry all the time and I don't use any lotions. I try to ensure my hands are clean at all times when handling my bags. The only bag I worry about is my blue XL Balenciaga City because Balenciaga handles are prone to darkening over time, but I haven't used the bag enough times to notice any darkening. I don't think I will wrap anything around the handles, though, because it's not my style at all.

    Your Peekaboo is black, isn't it? And is it made of Selleria leather? If so, then I don't think you have to worry much about it.
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  2. Love this trend. More brands should make a men's version of their classic bags. Personally though, I don't mind buying a women's bag as long as it doesn't look too feminine on me.
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  3. This size is perfect :loveeyes:
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  4. I agree. I don't mind as long as it doesn't look too feminine. Some bags for women naturally lend themselves to being more "unisex", and I prefer some of those because some men's bags look so uninspired. The idea for some companies making men's bags is that men only prefer work bags (i.e. briefcases, messenger bags), school bags (i.e. backpacks), and gym/weekender bags. I'm sure those sell well, but they are usually so boring that the brands making them look like they lack a point of view. Often times, the designs look lazy, like "here is a basic messenger bag with our logo on it."
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  5. Everything you said is on point. Additionally, I wish more brands would make make smaller men's version of their popular bags. Something that you can bring to the mall. I find most (the galleria, men's sac de jour, the original peekaboo) too huge. They look like weekenders haha what would we put in there :giggle: This is another reason why I tend to favor the women's sizes.
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  6. I used to prefer the larger sizes as they look more "masculine" but there seems to be a push now for smaller men's bags, and consumers' attitudes about small bags on men may be shifting. This is a nice change, because I don't always want to carry a large bag which is mostly empty. I don't actually travel with a lot of stuff. There are times when a large bag is inconvenient, like when I'm in a crowded place or at a restaurant where my bag needs its own seat as opposed to just being on my lap (imagine the men's Sac de Jour on my lap between me and the table at the restaurant. I wouldn't be able to eat comfortably!).
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  7. Hi All,

    Finally bite the bullet and bought the metallic stitching Lui bag in selleria leather. It's very well constructed. The sale associate told me that the interior lining is suede, but as far as I know, Fendi uses microfiber lining for lots of their bags. Can anyone enlighten me on this? Thanks in advance. 20190415_233824.jpg
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  8. Congratulations!

    The lining in this bag should be microfiber, just like in the men's Peekaboo bag. I contacted customer service to request details of the material inside my Peekaboo because a lot of SAs said it was suede but it looked way too uniform to be suede.
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  9. minifit.jpg

    Snagged this mini - fit in gold eyes. It's new in this size, probably launched end of last month.

    Finally have full set now, large, fit and mini lol.
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  10. I LOVE the mini. That's on my list. I want the one you have!
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  11. Love it!

    + 1 On what AJ said. This is on my wish list as well.

    How do you find the weight, and how much can you fit in it?
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  12. I try not to put too many stuff in it as I sometimes carry it by it's handle rather than strap (I switched the original strap with goldhardware with Fendi's mink strap, this is much thicker - like twice the width and suits me better).
    Reason being, on my other peekaboo when I overload it, the handle starts cracking - no i don't use twilly over it.
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  13. Do you mean that the hand-painted resin on the edges of the top-handle cracks if there is too much weight? If so, then I better be careful with mine. My bags are usually so empty that they are a joke (just a wallet, keys, and maybe sunglasses) so I hardly have issues with overloading, but it is good to know just in case one day I need to carry more.
  14. yes, Fendi said they will repair for free if it's under 2 years, if not, probably will charge a few hundred pounds/dollars.

    I don't use my big peeka anymore, full time hermes now!
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  15. Would love to see Hermes design more exciting and iconic mens bags... they are so uninspiring to me compared to Fendi.
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