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  1. Is it safe to buy a Spy bag off of ebay generally speaking? For a bag that is supposed to be so limited i noticed a ton of them floating around on ebay. Some of them you can tell are fakes, but i can't tell on a bunch of others.

    I'm wondering if you Fendi ladies can help me out. You put a fake Louis Vuitton infront of me and i can spot it immediately, but I'm new to Fendi and don't want to buy a fake.

    What do you think. Are most of those bags fakes?? :suspiciou
  2. I like ebay BUT I still don't trust some of the ebay sellers when it comes to their "authentic" handbags. Everyone is claiming that they are selling authentic handbags and sometimes you can't even tell if they're reputable by their feedback ratings.

    I asked the Fendi store at South Coast Plaza, CA to authenticate a handbag for me but they told me they don't provide such service and that I might have to send the bag to their headquarter far far away. That was so annoying... If someone else out there knows how to authenticate a Fendi, let me know too!
  3. A lot of the Fendi handbags seem to come from suspicious sellers on eBay anyways. There's always hundreds of handbags going for a few Euros each, man they're hard to sort through !

    The ones that seem to be the most reputable also seem to be the ones that are charging the most above retail as well.. :sad:

    I'm desperately searching for a mini Spy bag, but I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I could either .. pay the eBay premium for someone who got it early and doesn't seem like they have a fake bag, or be waitlisted forever !!
  4. I wouldn't trust buying a spy on ebay, the ones that are supposed to be real according to other fendi experts online are almost near retail anyway. I'd say the best bet is to get on a waitlist or order from another boutique, most of the standard colors are readily available, which one were you looking for?

    Good luck!
  5. I want a black leather one. I don't know the exact name.
  6. they had mini spys sitting on the shelves at saks in atlanta last week. go in and see if they can have one moved from another store for you, i'm sure you can have your spy within the week.
  7. There are currently a TON of fake spys on ebay. Even if a bag is above retail it may be a fake. Finally, even if the pics look good, it is possible that the pics are not of the actual bag. There are a few trusted sellers if you want it NOW: dudeiloveyou, leshent, personalshoppers.
  8. I second the vote of confidence from those sellers - very reputable.
  9. Have you called the boutique and asked if they can have one transferred. The black isn't too rare so it should be available at a boutique somewhere:biggrin:
  10. I trust LESHENT as a seller. Great authentic stuff.
  11. I definitely wouldn't buy that limited of a bag off of ebay - even if a real one is being sold, I would bet that 98% are fake.

    Also, you are only protected by Paypal Buyer Protection up to $1000 - I would never buy anything over that amount, because they don't cover the full purchase.

    My personal policy with ebay is that I stick to brands that aren't as counterfeited. You just aren't going to find a real Paddington or Spy on ebay without seriously taking a risk. Shopping should be fun, not dangerous. If I were in the market for a bag that costs over $1000 (which I'm really not) - I would go straight to the store.
  12. Chemlex, I completely&totally agree.
  13. I second that :biggrin:
  14. Ok mother chemlex :biggrin: . You're right. I will just wait unitl I save enough money to buy one directly from the store.

    Thanks for everyones help. Its funny how I log on to ebay everyday to see whats there, but I've never actually bought anything. Am i the only one who does this??????? :wacko:
  15. I have a ton of stuff in my eBay watch list that I know I'm not going to buy, I'm just interested to see how much it sells for. Maybe I'm weird :huh: