Fendi Experts..i need your help!

  1. hi Everyone..i'm new to the board. I'm totally impressed by everyone's collection..the bags and shoes are absolute gorgeous. With that being said, I need help identifying my own Fendi Bag. I have a tan and black docters bag with matching wallet and check book cover of which i think i got back in 95-96. I've been searching everyone to find another like it just so i can get an idea on the value. The only bag i found that is close to what i have was on eBay for $50. I'm hoping that's incorrect...if someone can please shed some light on this for me.:shrugs:


  2. Can you post a pic?
  3. here's a pic...thanks.
    Fendi Bag.jpg
  4. Does anyone have any idea? :confused1:
  5. I saw something somewhat similar on eBay. I just did search fendi doctors bag. Not the same bag though but has stripes.
  6. yeah, i'd probably just call it a doctor's bag, too.
  7. yeah..i had done a similar search on eBay..couldn't find anything that matched my set. i went as far as to call the Fendi store to ask if there was anyone there that would remember the bag. Unfortunately the one lady that worked there for over 10 years just recently left the store. So i'm back to square one...i've actually contemplated calling the corp office and asking customer service, but i'm not sure if they'll know.