Fendi Dr B bag


Jul 17, 2007
Hi all! I purchased my Fendi Dr B in Bordeaux about a year ago...I'm worried about the condition of the leather because of the dry weather where I am. Is there a leather bag conditioner that you'd recommend?

Many thanks!!


Thanks Fashion_mom1 Where did you buy yours?
Fendi pre-treats all their bags. you might want to check with CS or an expert SA from a boutique.

my Beige Dr. B got caught in a down pour and survived. i was super worried because it looked like it was water stained, but it dried perfectly. The Dr. B's have a slight sheen over the leather. doesn't feel raw whatsoever.

another expert to call is Scott at Fordham. He is the go to for Fendi repairs etc...

i get concerned using any kind of product on my bags unless i get the heads up from the Designer.