Fendi Diavolo(Devil) Bag...

  1. Well, I have been in love with this bag for awhile but as a poor college student I was unable to afford it! Now that I have my first post-college job, I can buy the bag that I have always wanted but now I cannot find it. I understand that this is several seasons old but I still really would like to purchase one! If anyone has any suggestions or an alternative 1st Fendi purchase, I would love the feedback!!
  2. Best place to look would be eBay. If you find one I'll be fighting with you for it! Hehe... Kidding, I wouldn't. The spy would be a great bag to have. I absolutely love it.
  3. LG - Kav is correct, they do show up on eBay, but beware there are also fakes of this bag that are sold on eBay, so have it authenticated on the Authenticate this Fendi thread...:tup:
  4. Try Ebay.
  5. Can someone please post a pic. Thanks.
  6. I cannot find a picture or a decent listing on eBay...I guess this really will be a challange...
  7. Search the forum. I am sure there will be photos of authentic ones. :smile:
  8. All I could find was this, but be aware, this photo is used to sell AAA fakes...but real ones also show up from time to time on Ebay...

  9. I have one that I will photo when I get home.
  10. Ooh that's hot. Is that leather? Perhaps I would like one as well..
  11. Yup, I'm with baglady.1. There are a TON of fake diavolo bags on eBay (I've been scouting it for authentic ones for a whole year, and have only spotted a handful out of the countless fakes). So be careful!!
  12. What do I look for in an authentic Diavolo bag...I have never seen it IRL and am probably going to purchase one online!
  13. Hard to explain if this is your first experience authenticating a bag. I would say just authenticate the bag at the AUTH THIS section before you buy it. I've seen this bag in a different version on designerimports.com and lots of people have been asking about the website, but BEWARE of that website; it sells nothing but fakes.