Fendi Devil in gold or MJ stam in mouse?

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  1. I am gathering my funds from far and wide for the MJ stam in mouse when another choice was presented to me: should I get the MJ Stam in mouse like I thought I was going to, or should I go for the Fendi Devil bag from a few years back in gold? Here is a picture of the Fendi devil in the link below:

    Fendi handbag 8BR254, devil bag FF716

    I am still quite young so please do share your wise opinions with me as I am prone to lots of temptations out there! :p
  2. Hi this is a lovely bag but this site sells fakes.
  3. I see! Thanks for sharing :wtf: I am planning to get it from another site, but this one has better pictures so I am posting it up for show. Please let me know your honored opinions! :yes:
  4. Stam - dont like that bag at all - just my opinion though!
  5. El diablo! I have one in black, large. I love the shape and it's a fun bag, but it does not hold much, since it's rather flat.

    Can't compare to the kitchen sink I put into my Stams.

    Different bags, different purpose.
  6. I have to say STAM!! It really is a gorgeous bag....
  7. I got mine yesterday Tash - well pleased.

    Loving maybe it helps to see my pics to help with the decision

  8. OMG!!! Sam, she is GORGEOUS!! I am so happy you found your Stam:heart: :heart: I know how much you wanted one and I always think of you if I see one or wear mine!! Now, your bag collection can feel a little more complete!:love:

    Congrats sweetie! :yahoo:
  9. ps. Forgot to say I bought the baby stam in Mouse and the colour is really adaptable, it seems to go with every colour!! Very versatile!
  10. Aw Tash thanks - you were great help on the hunt - is your baby the same colour then?
  11. Thank you secret_shopaholic! Those pics really helped! :yahoo: The ones on the web weren't clear at all so I think that's why I have been debating for so long. I think I'll go with the MJ stam :smile: Your E/W stam is so gorgeous! :heart:

    It's great to know that the mouse color can go with anything! :rolleyes:
  12. Aw Loving - I don't think you can go wrong with it - its just so versatile both night and day.

    Keep us posted on what you go for and post pics when you get a new baby.
  13. loving I am sure you will love it!! Make sure you post pics on the MJ thread when you get it!!:yes:

    ;) Sam, yes I got the mouse and the colour is so different IRL, it is really usual but I love it! I would have loved to have got the E/W but they didn't have in Mouse so I got the baby!! The E/W size is really nice and elegant, plus the zips on the front must be a BIG help because it is a large bag!
  14. Hm... I'm a Fendi fan, but I think I'd vote for the stam in this case.
  15. I'd say Stam...especially in mouse.