Fendi Denim Sweet Bag 50% off on NM

  1. hm..not sure I'm a big fan of the denim print...
  2. Be careful with this one. I'm pretty sure this is the bag I just returned. The strap and buckle are a little crooked. I think it is defective or something. I wrote that on the return form, but I guess they'll just keep reselling it until someone keeps it.
  3. ^^^^ I think NM.com just keeps putting the defective stuff up over and over again. I think its just one's luck. I've gotten some good stuff and really bad. Also, there customer service is not exactly the best. I would be careful before buying any "it"/"hot" bags that are on sale because its most likely defective/used. But sometimes, the discount can be worth it. Plus, if you really push for it, they might (depending on the CS Rep) give you a 10% off.

    BG, Nordstrom and Saks are far, far better when it comes to such things.
  4. I have no problem with used/returned as long as it is in mint condition, but defective is another story. I've gotten 10% off before just because a dust bag was missing! It all depends on who you get on the phone and how sympathetic they are. I buy stuff from NM constantly and overall I'd say they're excellent. I love BG, Nordstrom and Saks too. I love how Saks wraps every item in white tissue paper. Sometimes you just get a bad item.