Fendi denim squirrel

  1. Does anyone know if there are two versions of this bag--a limited edition with crystals and a regular? I'm not trying to start a rumor--haven't heard one--but was wondering after searching some of the posts here. I'm very curious--I just bought one on NM for around $3000. :nuts: Just wondering if there is a more expensive version out there....?
  2. I'm not a Fendi expert by no means but, the only DENIM Squirrel Spy that I know of is this one (1st pic). Unless, you're talking about this one (2nd pic) Fendi VELVET Squirrel Spy, it's over $3300...it has rhinestones.
    Congrats on your new Spy bag too!...I hope, hope, hope you post pics of that beautiful bag for us to drool over?!
    NMV6579_mp.jpg fendispy_1.jpg
  3. please post pics..