Fendi Denim Spy Bag

  1. this is a really cool bag what do you think?

  2. For the price I'd rather get a honey or cognac leather one (or a petrol off eBay!) It's very whimsical though, and great if you have a squirrel fetish lol!
  3. It's a very pretty bag. I just think it is a bit pricey for denim. I think a leather Spy would be a better investment.
  4. Why are people so obsessed with leather bags??
  5. I LOVE that bag. I just adore vintage inspired patterns. ^^^I agree w/ you on leather. I really don't like it at all. Much prefer the look of fabrics, and I don't like the idea of carrying dead animal products.

    But I do understand that a lot of people here appreciate the way that leather last a long time, and tends to get soft and smooth w/ age.

    Also, some of the most expensive bags by places such as chanel and chloe ONLY come in leather. So if you are like me and prefer fabric bags, you sort of have a limit as to how "elite" you can go w/ your purchases. Although, for me, gucci monograms, fendi denim, and what not are plenty pricey enough, lol, :smile:
  6. Just wondering are you veggie?
  7. I've loved that bag since I first saw it. It's the only Special Fendi Spys that I really adore. BUT, I won't pay that price for denim. And I wonder since it is so trendy that I wouldn't get tired of it after awhile.
  8. Doesnt do much for me..I prefer the leather
  9. I think leather is on its way out now.
  10. ????
  11. oh is it ? than it has something in common with black and jeans :lol:

    oh and btw the bag is not vegan as the handles are still leather and furthermore the bag is fugly -sorry
  12. yep, I am. I know that the bag is not vegan...but it has LESS leather than most.

    I never said I was perfect....but I just feel better carrying as little leather as possible. There are a whole bunch of threads about this topic -- some of them pretty heated!

    But for now, I really do like that bag b/c of the vintage pattern:smile:
  13. Do you think companies will make a vegan line of bags in the future?
  14. stella mccartney does already so :flowers:
  15. i liked it at first... but i don't like squirrels... why couldn't it be butterflies or something?