FENDI cross-band platforms -YAY or NAY?

  1. Go it on sale for $200
  2. Sorry, it's a nay for me.
  3. Im sorry but it's a nay for me as well even though I love the peep toe pump version.
  4. I'll have to disagree with ^^ I personally :heart: m ..... their so funky, and chunky..... is a YAY for me:tup:
  5. Are they comfortable? If so keep them.
  6. i havent tried them yet, just ordered it online today
  7. I say nay too, sorry. But, if you really like the look there is a wedge version on NAP for $255 I believe that has a black buckle instead. :smile:
  8. From the pic for me its a Nay, BUT....most of the time they look better on than in the pic. Take a pic of them on and post it. Lots of people said my Louboutin leopard mules were a nay until i posted pics of them on....then for some odd reason people bought them lol
  9. Nay.
  10. nope, sorry. don't like the big buckle in front.
  11. nay for me. I don't like the cris cross straps.
  12. Yay! I think it's edgy.
  13. Nay!
  14. Sorry, nay for me...too chunky.
  15. Love the buckle and the straps! Love them!