Fendi Crepe Coated Spy Bag

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  1. This is such a beautiful bag, look at the flowers.

  2. I ordered that bag and then returned it. In person it looked like cheap plastic to me and was not worth the price.
  3. was it soft?
  4. I loved the details but i couldn't get it... The bag is too busy to match my style.. I feel like i could only wear it with jeans and a plain tee or something like all white... The limitations on the wardrobe that could go w/ the bag didn't match the price of the bag.

    And it's not soft because it's coated over silk crepe. It's like vinyl.

    One thing forsure is that it would be hard to knockoff that bag.

    PS... it comes in another color scheme of purples and browns.
  5. So it is sticky right
  6. It's so ugly... Every time I see it, it reinforces the feeling.
  7. I don't care for it, and I LOVE Spy bags!
  8. I thought it looks plasticky.
  9. I have 3 spy's, I love spy bags. This is SO ugly in real person, it was at Bloomingdales in FLA. Really cheap looking and feel to it, imo.
  10. I wrote about this on the main page... it is just not my taste. I haven't seen it in person though... but it is just not me.
  11. So I get the general feeling that it is a pathetic useless bag.
  12. Not my taste at all!:amazed:
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