Fendi Costume Jewelry

  1. ***hi :flowers:***** Just wanted to share with you pics of fendi costume jewelry given to me by my mom. She bought this way back in the day when I Magnin was the bomb in the 80s so i guess that makes it around 20 years ago.. She had matching earrings but i felt they would be too gawdy so I kept the necklaces. I call the gold emblem one my LL cool J chain :lol:

  2. they are cool - real classic pieces,
  3. oohhhhh vintage! HAWT!
  4. Nice pieces!
  5. D&G those are amazing pieces! You are one lucky girl. Oh yeah, I cried for days when I. Magnin closed their doors...it was truly a gem.

  6. Thanks secret shopaholic, LondonBrat, gloss_gal, and pursegrrl!! I would've never thought that I'd still be wearing them!!! I value them more now than I did when my mom first gave them to me.
  7. Oh wow these are 2 very beautiful pieces!!! CONGRATS