Fendi Corset Belt- How would you wear it??!

  1. Hey guys. What would you wear this gorgeous leather Fendi belt with?
    - Button down shirt and pencil skirt?
    - To nip in a sundress?
    - Over a t shirt and knee lenght denim skirt?
    - all of the above???:rolleyes:


    Thanks so much for opinions and advice!!!:nogood:
  2. Probably most with the shirt & pencil skirt!
  3. wow!!! great belt! I think you can dress it up & down, have fun with it!!!
  4. I'd say all those options would work with it
  5. I think that belt is very versatile. So all of the above, I'd say!
  6. Thanks guys! I guess I'm starting to worry that big belts like this will look funny come spring since all the "fashion" blogs are touting the 'skinny' belt. I know this style looks great on me since my main asset is my hourglass figure.

    What do you think about big belts vs. skinny belts???

    I'm a stay at home mom so I also want to know if this belt would be too much over a casual dress or t?

    Anyways, I tried on the belt over a sample sale jacket I just got over the weekend in NYC and it really looks great with it. The jacket hits at mid hip, has big lapels and is meant to be very fitted by the waist. The belt really cinches it in and makes it look fierce. Now I just have to figure out when in the world to wear it!;)
  7. This is lovely. You can so wear it with a trench coat or with a simple tube dress or something. This would look great over a casual dress. I'm sure it'll look fierce!
  8. As for big belts vs. skinny belts, I love both! I am a beltaholic, but I don't think you'd be commiting a horrible faux pas or anything - quite the opposite. I think it'd look great with all the outfits you suggested, and even just over a smock and leggings.
  9. That's the exact same belt I've been considering getting! I think it is very versatile..shirt dresses, sweaters, coats...you name it.
  10. Wow! Thanks guys!
    It's great to get help with this kind of stuff from people who are into fashion. Most of my friends are stay at home mom's also and just aren't into experimenting with fashion. However I've worked really hard to lose all the baby weight (I've got 2 kids and am still really young:shame:smile: and have gotten down to a very healthy weight and a size 6!!!
    So yeah, while most people I know are in slopping sweats and old stretched out clothes, I'm going to rock my new Fendi belt!!!!!:tup::yahoo:
  11. luv that belt.