Fendi Compartments?

  1. Hello ladies!

    I've recently been getting into Spys and don't know much about the bag (other than that I want it!) but anyway, I wanted to know if there were compartments inside the bag, other than the secret tube and coin compartments? I've usually got femi stuff I like to keep hidden away. :Push:

  2. There are no compartments inside the bag, only the flap and secret coin flap outside. What I normally do is put my money stuff (cash, cards) in a wallet, essential stuff (cell phone, calculator, medication, lipstick) in a small pouch and femi stuff (tampons) in another pouch. Then all the little pouches go into my bigger bag (Spy, Muse, B). Makes changing bags day to day a lot easier too. Just a suggestion.
  3. Haha my cousin uses the Spy as her "Period Bag" She sticks a tampon in the little tube, and pads in the bigger flap pocket. She told me, and I didnt even wanna touch her spy anymoreeeeeee ;[
  4. :amazed: ^^lol!!omg!
  5. ^^^lololol!
  6. oh woops :blink:
  7. That's both creative AND hilarious!:lol: :lol: !
  8. HAhaha that's funny. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: But yes..I think I may do what you suggested, Muse. Because it will make changing from handbags easier.
  9. Once you see how beautiful the spy is IRL, you will not miss the little compartments - lol!
  10. thats hillarious....hehehehe