Fendi Cognac Spy--still in stores?

  1. OK, this sounds weird, but I've had two Fendi spys. One I bought from Barneys and sold on eBay, and another I bought from a friend and sold on eBay.


    Are they still in stores? If I call a boutique, will I be able to get one right away?


  2. Yes it should be available. Cognac, black, white and honey are staple colours which are always available for each season. If you call a boutique they should be able to find one on their system easily if they don't already have one in stock! Good luck and let us know how you get on!
  3. I saw a Cognac at NM in SF a week or two ago. I think Saks has some, too. Good luck!
  4. Thanks! Hopefully I'll have her in a few months ...
  5. I'm pretty sure they still have some at Jomashop.com!
  6. ^^ great idea. Thank you!!
  7. yup they have it on jomashop.com :smile:
  8. I checked the website out ... is that cognac or chocolate, though? I couldn't really tell ...
  9. Jomashop's representation of colours isn't accurate but I asked this question a little while back and bothe litigatrix and baglady.1 agree that it is cognac, which is the lighter in colour of cognac and chocolate.
  10. i just saw one earlier at bloomingdales SF! i tried it on too!