Fendi Chef Bubble Shopper

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  1. Any one else seen this bag? I think I'm in love... does it come in any colors other than black?
  2. I bought the dark brown one from NM...here is a link BUBBLE

    The NM site shows a pic of the black and one of the dark brown (modeled).
  3. I love this in Black -- is this still regular price or has anyone seen it marked down?
  4. Still regular price (at least at Fendi Houston Galleria) and it's really cute on the shoulder.
  5. Thanks mewlicious & kiss_p! I'll keep checking the bg site kiss_p. It would be wonderful to find this on sale!
  6. It is a lovely bag.
  7. I also found this bag on bluefly. It was marked $1500ish but was able to use a 20% off coupon to get it down to about $1250.
  8. ^^ congratulations green_eggs, great deal!
    Please post pictures, would love to see it.
  9. I love this bag in both colours, it is gorgeous!
  10. I love this one !
  11. Still looking for this in Black on sale! ... Please PM me if anyone sees it! TIA!
  12. pursesuader - I sent you a pm. It may have been sent twice - sorry about that!