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Hello All,

Not sure if this is the correct place to pose this question.

I have a Fendi Boston bag made of the Zucca fabric (not structured). It is pretty dirty and need advice on how to bath her.

Thank you for any help you can provide.



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hey, I am really desperate to finally get at least one adequate opinion wether these are real or a very good replicas. I am from EU, small country, we do not have paid authenticators, neither any facebook groups and I simply don't know how to use a Legit app. I mean, for a people who have seen tons of Fendi's, this shouldn't be hard, I am planning to get my first pair. The price, howeve is under 200 usd. Please, help me. Please.


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Anyone has this bag? It’s the FENDI runaway tote in transparent black .. thinking of buying it preloved of course .. is this a comfortable bag? Can it be worn for evening events? Does it look cheap? Pls help! I’m tempted but worried!


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I recently picked up a vintage baguette from a thrift store. Serial number and other hallmarks check out as authentic, but the stitching around the front leather part of the flap is a bit wonky. Guessing it was repaired at some point…or maybe just inconsistency with hand stitching? Any thoughts or insight appreciated!


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Hi all, can anyone tell me if the monster slip ons run true to size? I’m a 6.5 and have a pair of Fendi boots in 6, can I get away with a 7 in the slip ons? TIA!
Hi all, can anyone tell me if the monster slip ons run true to size? I’m a 6.5 and have a pair of Fendi boots in 6, can I get away with a 7 in the slip ons? TIA!
Not sure about women's sizing but for Fendi, if I go up a size in their men's shoes (or most men's shoes), I just put an orthotic in and it tends to work.
Hi, my girlfriend wants to sell some of her bags, but she doesnt know how to price them. Im looking for some help. This is her fendi mini pocket peakaboo, its missing the long strap, no dustbag and boxes, just the purse. Can anyone help us pricing it? Thanks in advance!

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So I'd love some thoughts from all of you have have the Peekaboo post-RFID tag especially. I have some preloved Peekaboos that I recently got, and I always authenticate by bags, so they're in the process... but this is the first time I've seen both an RFID tag and a hologram in the same bag (it also has a serial number leather strip). Is this an obvious telltale of a fake?

Not asking anyone to authenticate my particular bag so I'm not posting a whole set of photos, but wanted to see if I could gather general knowledge about Fendi tags, especially since there are so many of us who buy the older, slouchy ones preloved. Other Peekaboos I have (also getting authenticated) just have the RFID or just have the hologram. Are there multiple tag configurations from over the years? I thought this was so strange, yet haven't bought a new Peekaboo from Fendi yet. Thanks for any insights!


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