Fendi CHAT Thread

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    Hi all.

    Can anyone recommend a paid authenticator service for Fendi bags besides authenticate4u?

    I am worried about a bag not having a hologram. Theres a sticker inside the RFID tag though

    66BA6E38-825E-41DE-9185-773612F899F8.jpeg C434CA5D-E132-43C3-BC4C-A536264A3BD5.jpeg 182A965A-6F22-409B-8877-E931C5C0673F.jpeg
  2. So late to the party.... but I am so darn excited that I finally acquired a mini and a micro peekaboo SQUEEEEEE! but with that said.... an anyone enlighten me with when these were released? Would love to at lease know a bit of back story about them really...

    Thanks ladies!
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  3. Does anyone know the size Camilla wears? Thank you.
  4. I guess it is a Selleria in mini? Regular would be bigger.
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  5. Does anyone else collect vintage Fendi bags? I would love some tips on how to control some of the peeling.
  6. Pom Pom tree at Fendi Ginza. So interesting. IMG_20181215_115449.jpg
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  7. I collect vintage Fendi and am experimenting with Mod Podge sealant fingers crossed
  8. Does anyone know of a good site that can tell you what season some Fendi sunglasses came from...have a pair currently waiting for someone to tell me if they are real in The Authenticate These Accessories thread...think they are real myself but would like to know what year they were made.

  9. What do you use it for?
  10. Seal the canvas from peeling. Going to try a leather sealant on the leather straps and boarders
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