Fendi CHAT Thread

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  1. Thank you, @crisbac! :smile:
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  2. My pleasure, pearlsnjeans! :yw: If you're thinking of adding a small By The Way to your collection, I can tell you from my experience that it's a very versatile bag, from day to night, and a favorite of mine for carrying on trips. Great choice! ;)
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  3. Thanks again, @crisbac! I saw this bag at my local Fendi store. However, I didn't try it on since I just bought a bag that I've been studying/researching about for a while from LV.

    But I will definitely study this "By the Way" bag from Fendi as it is a lovely design and very timeless shape. Do you mind if I ask you for a photo of your bag or a link to a post where this particular model is reviewed/heavily photographed?

    Thank you again in advance. :smile:
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  4. My pleasure, pearlsnjeans! You can find a whole thread dedicated to the By The Way bag on the Fendi Forum, here's the link: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/anybody-who-is-buying-or-has-bought-the-by-the-way-bag.870621/
    That thread has grown a lot! :smile: I like to go through it sometimes to see the pictures all over again. :amuse:
    And I started two threads to introduce some of my buggies but also my two small By The Way bags (black and turtledove), here are the links where you can see both bags: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/new-fendi-furry-friends.935913/ (especially on the second page), and https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/fendi-furry-friends-and-btw-reveal.952493/
    I hope they can be of help! :flowers:
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  5. Thank you so much, @crisbac! Those links are very helpful (sorry I'm not around to reply immediately--kinda cutting back on forum time). :heart: :smile:
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  6. Can anyone identify this Fendi tote? My daughter received this from her grandmother and it is probably decades old.

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  7. Hi all! I am on a hunt for a sneaker and found this slip-ons online. I can't find anything on search here. Has anyone got them? Are they TTS? Thanks in advance.

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  8. Hi Fendi Lovers! I've had a couple lovely vintage bags (that skinny stripe!), a B belt, and just got my first pair of new-to-me shoes! After years of ballet, a few years of retail support, and generally growing my feet are a little wider. So I guess we're just in the waiting room wearing two socks on one foot til it fits! From working in an upscale dept store I know Fendi runs about a half size small for me but wow! Must be the toe.

    Why must I love pointy patent shoes so much!?

    Something about those vintage bags sets my heart a-flutter. Maybe it's the durability of the coated canvas vs. the uncoated fatter stripes?

    I'm just really excited for my shoes' grand debut!

    (Pardon the floor... I sucked up a pen in the vacuum and it only recently started causing issues.)

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  9. like this shoes so much.
  10. Hello,
    I'm new to Fendi and I just purchased a used Monster Nylon Backback ( a 2016 collection with the leather trimmed).
    From the picture it didn't look like it had any problem, but when I got it in real life I noticed three noticeable mark / stains. I know one of them is a stains. Is it possible to go to a legit Fendi store (near one is in San Fransisco) to help fix the backpack? I marked the green one. It looks light in picture, but it's very dark stains that I can't remove it. And especially one annoying long scratch mark. TOT

    Can I also go to the store to ask if this bag is authentic, which i am 90% it is. Since the tag is correct.

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  11. Hi ladies, doesn't anyone know much about vintage Fendi clothes? I've seen a few pieces pop up with 'Fendi SSang' on it and googled it but no information has come up. Is this an authentic range and does anyone have any information about what era or line it is from? I just thought it was a little odd that some of the details were in English rather than Italian. Here's a picture of a SSang label. TIA.

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  12. I
  13. they have great bags on sale this time! I want the Think Fendi Tote
  14. Hi, guys!
    I haven't been a longtime member and I've been posting here and there. I love italian design and fashion, and one day I hope to get a fendi baguette and a fendi by the way.
    Have you seen the prefall collection? It has some gorgeous pieces!!
    shoe.jpeg kan i.jpeg
    FXT100A1CGF052Z_01_MediumSize.jpeg 8BT283A18QF0NYJ_01_MediumSize.jpeg
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  15. Hi Fendi fans!

    I'm pretty early in my handbag collection and have never owned a Fendi anything. I recently saw a post about this bag on social media and can't stop thinking about it! I do lean towards more "special" or "fun" vs classic items, but am I going through a Peter Pan syndrome? :shocked: What are your thoughts on the bag and also any insight on the micro size? I do carry other small bags ( Gucci mini marmont, Chanel mini flap, Gucci soho disco) but I think this may be the smaller than those.

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