Fendi CHAT Thread

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  1. I'm so happy you decided to keep it. :happydance: I've been to the Fendi Palazzo in Rome recently and I didn't see this model there. My SA told me they are selling fast...! Btw, a pic of the Palazzo at night... ;)

    Palazzo Fendi March 2017.jpg
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  2. Just gorgeous!!! I haven't had a chance to visit, my mum has been there and said the building is full of character. Apparently yeh, not all models are available in every store, there are a few I love but sadly they're not available in Australia including the striped one I got. I wonder why :hrmm: have you bought any of the kan Is? :smile:
  3. Yes, great definition: full of character. :yes: Last year, my former SA guided me through a tour to see the renovations and it's awesome. Besides, there's a space upstairs for meetings, it's so magnificently decorated... :girlsigh: I also wonder why not all models are available everywhere, by my SA's comment some models sell so fast because of the great amount of tourists the Palazzo receives. And another example: I asked for the new buggie with blue fur and red eyelashes and they had not received it yet at the Palazzo, which really surprised me. Answering if I have bought a Kan I: I haven't. The main reason is my DH gave me a Picotin 22 for Christmas, so that would be too soon for me to buy another bag... :blush:
  4. Don't worry about your husband, it's been three months already, need a new bag, LOL, :P My husband is the same, sometimes I buy my bags secretly, and if he asks I just tell him it's an old bag he doesn't remember me buying, hahahaha. I'm actually thinking if I should get a Picotin or a mini everlyn, and a lindy, a C and a K, the list goes on, lol, we'll need to jump into the Hermes threads :biggrin:
  5. :lol: I've told my DH I'm thinking about a future friend for my Pico 22: a Pico 18... :graucho: The Hermes threads are so tempting, real enablers...! :giggle:
  6. Now I really need to take advantage of the offer the store manager at the local boutique mentioned, she said, whenever I had plans to be in Rome, I should tell her so she could arrange a tour of the Palazzo, the atelier and the hotel, TBH that's one of the things I'm actually considering visiting Rome for the first time (I know, Rome is gorgeous and obviosly they have so much stuff and places to visit).

    Since she offered that to me, the thought has been roaming my mind...
  7. That's such a great offer, memo.alive! :tup: Rome is my favorite city in the whole world and whenever I go to Rome there's always something new to discover. The Fendi Palazzo is a fabulous building, really worth seeing, along with all the treasures Rome has. If you're thinking about this destination, you'll really enjoy it! ;)
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  8. love it !
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    I am new to this forum.

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  10. I just saw the Ferragamo x Sara Battaglia collection and my first thought was Fendi! Is it just me or does it look like Fendi's hypnotic zigzag line? Even the fur charms and use of vivid colour-blocking remind me of Fendi:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    They're not bad. In fact, they're the most interesting Ferragamo bags I have ever seen! But the description on the website, that the zigzag is a Ferragamo icon, is lost on me. For an "icon", they certainly don't use it much.
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  11. I agree with you, averagejoe! :yes:
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  12. so chic
  13. I received an email that the Fendi sale has started! :smile:
  14. Hello! I signed up to PF not too long ago but I thought I'd introduce myself to the Fendi crowd over here.

    While my bag collection is mostly COACH, I've been introducing brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton to my handbag and SLG family. Moreover, I think it's a good thing to enjoy bags from different price points and designers since they are all unique in a way. I describe myself as a classic bag aficionado with a rebellious touch.

    Fendi has been always on my "Bags I Want To Have" list. Their design is always relevant. I've never handled a Fendi bag in my entire life until now (because now I can afford these premier designer bags). I think I will learn something when I read the threads over here and see photos of Fendi bags in action.

    To say the least, I have my eye on a small By The Way bag. It is so cute and classic and won't feel out of place with my bag family.

    Thanks for letting me introduce myself. :smile:
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  15. Hi, pearlsnjeans! :smile: :welcome:
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