Fendi CHAT Thread

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    Please use this thread to chat :smile:
  2. Hello hi addy no body to chat here? 😞
  3. New to the site, can't even figure out how to post! ?? Really sorry if this winds up in the wrong spot.

    Am doing research on a super gorge Fendi Spy I just bought. Seller seemed to have a good story and the bag has many of the hallmarks of authenticity:
    - tortoise-embossed tortuga handles
    - "bubbly" nappa leather
    - 2-hinged center pocket
    - glass spyglass
    - flat-head screws in the center pocket hardware
    - properly aligned double F logos in the exterior Zucca print

    It also has a hologram tag. My question is about the little brown leather interior Fendi label that is sewn to the tan fabric lining. It is not a leather tag sewn on all four sides with a metal plate. The Fendi logo and serial number on the opposite side of the tag are both printed on the tag in gold. I've have other Fendis with other types of label/serial tags. Want to know, is this type of tag accurate for the Zucca Spy with the tortuga handles as well? This bag is gorgeous and appears to be of very high quality. I don't think it's a counterfeit...but I would be interested to hear others' thoughts on this tag.
  4. Can someone pls tell me how to post a new thread? I have a vintage FENDI bag but dont know its name and want to know if someone can tell me what the serial number means??
  5. I can't decide if I should buy this bag or not...should I save the money to buy a second hand spy bag or this vintage fendi bag? Suggestions anyone? I do want a fendi bag and I was going to purchase a second hand spy bag until I saw this....ebay.com/itm/171246921858http://

  6. Hi!
    I'm not sure to buy or not this vintage baguette because the seller said that there is no hologram inside because it's vintage and bought many years ago! What do you think about??? Many thank's ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398968151.653974.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398968171.639186.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398968187.598453.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398968203.786659.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398968255.162852.jpg
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  7. Hi :smile:

    Does anybody know where I can purchase a Fendi Peekaboo bag in Australia?
  8. I am looking for the monster keychain, do anyone kind enough to tell me where I can find them. They seem to sold out in places. Thanks
  9. Hi,
    Can someone tell me if the spy came out in gold and if so what year.
  10. Hi there! What monster keychain are you looking for? If you can post a photo or link, that would be helpful!:flowers:

  11. Hi ladies! I know these are older posts and I hope you have had answers to these long ago:smile: in the future, you will get a faster response in the 'authenticate This' thread.

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    I wanna chat :chatty: about Fendi but it is normally quiet in this area:hnsnsn:

    I have long loved the brand. I had a couple of Fendi bags in college that I donated to charity in the midst of closet cleaning. I currently have a few bags from 5+ years ago that I currently still really enjoy. (A Silvana and a red flap messenger from Saks).

    Plus I love their strong unique shoe styles!! I still have a multicolor spy pair from 2005/6, taupe leather heels with black cap toe and ankle wrap, black suede platforms w/triangular heel and I purchased nude suede Polifonia t straps last fall. Love them all still and wear them each a few times each month. Currently eyeing a pair of Eloise pony hair:graucho:

    I was drawn back in to the handbags with the 2jours bags.....especially after all of the crazy price hikes at Chanel & Celine. Then the bag bugs bit me hard and well, I am thinking only Fendi again:P

    I passed on a Secret Code bag in blue and splurged on the Silvana instead back in 2008. Other than the $2k craziness currently listed on the 'bay, has anyone seen a reasonably priced ($500Us) BLuE Secret Code bag in clean used condition. Thanks!
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  13. .......:girlsigh:.........I guess I'm the crazy lady chatting to myself here:P

    At least the chat thread is now in the main Fendi section and not reference!

    Thanks, Addy!