Fendi Chameleon vs Givenchy Nightingale

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  1. Just curious what the opinion is on choosing between these 2 bags. I'm looking for black satchel.
  2. I've never seen the Givenchy. I absolutely love the Fendi Chameleon.
  3. Nightingale...although I love both. I have a soft spot for Givenchy.
  4. Fendi
  5. I'm actually looking at buying the Fendi! I really like the structured look. I do like the Givenchy though, but Fendi has my heart!! :smile:

    Happy Shopping :smile:

  6. Givenchy b/c its much more elegant than a colorblocking tote.
  7. Much, much prefer the Nightingale!
  8. Hmm, I own a Nightingale and one of my besties briefly owned a beautiful red, bubble leather Chameleon. She returned it because she did not like how the handles stood up even when not in use - they do not fall to the side - and it bothered her. This characteristic applies to the Nightingale as well.

    That being said, both are lovely bags, so my question to you is what exactly are you looking for? The Nightingale is satchel-esque and will puddle on command. Plus, the shoulder strap turns it into a hobo bag. The Chameleon leather does not puddle, as others stated it is a structured bag. Also, the shoulder strap makes the bag convertible and it will become a crossbody bag, not a hobo-esque bag like the Nightingale.

    So, which one will fit your style best? Or will both;)

    Curious to know which you will eventually get.

    Good luck!
  9. I also much prefer the Nightingale. Recently saw it IRL - the shape, weight and proportions are perfect. It's now on my wishlist too.
  10. Nightingale...I'm heavily biased.