Fendi Chameleon Reveal & Quick Review


Nov 11, 2010
in the cold
I love this bag. Here are a few reference pictures for size and such, and a few comments about the bag :smile:

Weight: One of my favorite things about this bag is how light it is. I typically carry a lot of stuff, and with this bag I don’t feel weighed down. The leather is sturdy and thick, but the hardware is minimal, which is perfect for a daily bag

Size: This bag is the larger size, measuring 15″W X 12″H X 6½”D. Its a wonderful size for an everyday bag. In the picture above you can see that it fits a good amount of stuff. It can easily fit some folders (the magazine fits but is falling over), an iPad or smaller laptop. The two side pockets are great for a phone (I also have my id badge in there). I also have a few small pouches thrown in there for hair and makeup touch-ups, my glasses case, and (of course) my lint roller.

Quality: I’ve never owned a Fendi bag before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m happy to report that the quality appears to be quite good. The leather is soft, saturated and beautiful. As I mentioned above, it seems quite sturdy and is a bit thicker and textured for added durability. The hardware is minimal and classy. The bottom feet are adorable and essential! The only thing that I could see ever posing a problem is the smaller-sized clips for the shoulder strap, but I’ll see how that goes. The handles are wide and thicker and are quite comfortable. The interior is cotton, which means that the bag is lighter. I always think that a suede or leather interior is more luxurious, but I’m not distraught over this.

I hope this helps anyone considering this bag. I have more pictures and details on my blog post for anyone with other questions.



Nov 9, 2012
Congratulations on your Chameleon - both the black and the gray colourblock are beautiful! I really love this bag as well, I have been using mine (small black pebbled) for the past couple months and haven't had any issues with the shoulder strap, which I use all the time!