fendi catalog question

  1. I called 800-fendiny and they told me that they do not have catalogs, when did they stop making catalogs? Is there anywhere I can go to see fendi's full product line?

  2. hmm.. a few months ago i got, not a catalog, but a packet of almost like postcard type things(sorry bad description), with a purse/shoe featured on each one. i think it was their version of a "catalog" though so i don't know why they didnt tell you about that. Bergdorfs and NM sell some on their sites, so you can see some of the collection there.. and i dont know about the fendi website last time i checked it, it wasn't very good! Good luck!
  3. Yes, that is what I have received in the past, how did you get it?
  4. ^Yeah! I want one!
  5. I guess i just automatically got it because of buying things from the fendi store.. i don't know. I bought my spy in Beverly Hills and my spy hobo and other things in NJ and have recieved ever since i guess my first purchase(can't remeber where).. I'm sure you could call one of the individual boutiques(even if its not near you) and ask to go on the mailing list. it's worth a try! Good luck!
  6. Thanks, I will call the one in NJ.
  7. I have to head down to the store whenever I wanted to view the full catalog.
  8. O no, the closest store to me is NJ. I guess I will have to take a trip to NJ or NYC. btw, I called NJ and they told me the same thing the NYC store said, there are no Fendi catalogs.