Fendi camera bag

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  1. Hi all,

    I wondered if any of you knew where I could obtain the Fendi camera bag with the beautiful black/gold strap that comes with it? Like this one: [​IMG]

    I'm looking for a everyday cross-body bag for casual use, and I like to the Fendi one a lot. Happy to hear your opinions on it too, or other bags you'd recommend for this purpose.
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  2. Hi, clbradshaw! I have this bag, but it comes with a simple black strap, so I think the strap on your photo has been purchased separately.
  3. Thanks!! Which do you think is better? the leather like you show, or the canvas?? I can't decide....

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  4. There are two Fendi camera bags on Fashionphile, Not exactly your picture, but similar, and I would assume a better price?
  5. The canvas one is lower maintenance. Mine is smooth black leather on the reverse side. Doesn't bother me a bit though. The canvas version is also somewhat bigger. So you might want to consider how much stuff you're planning to carry and probably your height and frame.