Fendi calf leather care and waterproofing

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  1. Hey guys,

    What do you use (and do you use anything at all) to waterproof the Fendi calf leather? I don't mean the selleria leather but the ordinary grained calf. Mine is buttery soft in this anthracite hue and I would like to waterproof it.

    Usually I use Collonil nanopro spray on all of my bags and it works beautifully but I am a bit afraid to spray it onto this Fendi Lui bag since my SA advised me not to spray anything on it. But then again, all SAs in Givenchy for example advise the same thing, yet again I spray all my Gbags and it works perfectly.

    The photo is below so you can see what kind of leather it is.

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  2. I haven't sprayed anything on mine and it dries fine when it gets wet(rain). I just put moisturizer on the bag once a month
  3. I use collonil on my dove grey by the way - which is also (grained I'm pretty sure) calf. Seems to work, doesn't appear to change the leather in any way. But I also don't take it out in bad weather so it's probably fine even without the spray in my case.