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May 19, 2015
I saw somewhere that the someone was talking about a new strap that didn't use the snaps but instead used open notches in one side of strap and metal piece in other side that would be pushed into notches. I haven't actually seen this in person and don't know if this has really happened...or maybe only happening on certain sizes? I don't know too much about it besides what I read on another post somewhere.

Oh! I actually have the one w the new notches. Haven’t had any hair problems bc my hair is always up though. One con is that the strap keeps looping up… maybe bc of the notch I have it on? I have to keep adjusting it - pulling it back down.

I'm thinking of purchasing a BTW small pre loved, but can anyone tell me if they are heavy to carry?

Depends on what you carry. I’ve had a lot of misc. things, water bottle, etc. and it was manageable. Without water bottle, very light!


Jul 22, 2012
@Marilla Please ignore all my requests. I just ordered it. I hope yours is Dove Gray because that's what I ordered. :hbeat:
I’m so so sorry I was offline yesterday so didn’t see your comments! Yes it’s dove gray! So pleased you’ve ordered it - you’ll LOVE it - the photo does it no justice! And it’s pretty roomy. You’ll easily fit you sunglasses inside and much more. Enjoy!