Fendi By the Way, C de Cartier mini or Celine nano

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  1. Hi everyone!
    After a really bad experience with Chloe (read post: be careful with Chloe), I decided to get rid off that bag and buy a new one. My everyday bag is a black chain around Chanel. It needs a break! I love crossbody bags in black but I need a change. So I'm thinking about a Fendi BTW in red, a C de Cartier mini in red or a Celine nano in navy blue or black. I just want to wipe out my nightmare with Chloe with a fun and nice bag.
    Help me choose!
    Here are some pics:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460300867.968449.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460300886.976089.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460300908.039515.jpg

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  2. I love the first one but does it have a crossbody strap and do you need one? The Celine looks like it would match more outfits than the Fendi.
  3. All of those have the strap. Thanks for your input!
  4. I love the celine and fendi but that Cartier beauty is definitely catching my eye. Never really looked at Cartier bags before but I shall be checking that one out! X
  5. I love the Fendi!️️
  6. In that case I vote the Cartier. It's beautiful and unique.
  7. I know this Cartier bag is well made and there is something about the middle compartment that makes it so classy. I just requested to customer service a picture of the inside. I love the stitching and the leather but I love the other bags too...
  8. The Cartier is gorgeus, if you want a classic lady like bag, its cartier.
    I like the others as well, I personally would choose Celine over Fendi, this time.
  9. Love the Cartier! So much so I'm going to hunting now that I've seen this stunning photo!

    Fendi would be my second choice. I almost bought this bag. The leather and workmanship are divine.

    Honestly, I hate the Celine. And it's a past "it" bag. I wouldn't buy that one.
  10. I'm a fan of fendi in general so I'd go with that one first. I've never seen the Cartier bag in person but have heard great things about it.
  11. I love the Cartier, it's not something I see very often
  12. I love the Fendi for the versatility but the Cartier for its timeless classic look, shape, and color!
  13. I'm getting excited about the Cartier!
  14. Celine and Fendi are my two favourite designers. I have the BTW bags in small size and they are totally gorgeous, the only thing is that even at 5'4 tall the strap is not long enough for cross body. You can put just one stud on the strap and it might work at a squeeze.

    I have the luggage in micro size and it is exquisite workmanship. I've seen the nano and that size is fabulous too and the strap is definitely long enough for cross body.

    The nicest thing about the BTW is that the handles sit flush when you're using the long strap but the end of the zip gets in the way so I tuck mine in and it looks just fine. You can untuck it when you're carrying clutch style or by the small handles. The bag also has a central zipped divider inside and the nano doesn't.

    I would choose the Fendi for its versatility but only if the strap's long enough for cross body on you.

    But I love the nano too. Good luck deciding.
  15. Thanks so much for your feedback! My number one requirement is crossbody. I'm always in a rush and it has to be like that.