Fendi burglary at Neiman Marcus

  1. I just posted a thread in Handbags & Purses.

    I just bought a Miu Miu leather Coffer but was at NM today looking at Fendi Spy Bags.

    A man and woman came in and grabbed a slew of large leather B bags and Spy bags and ran out the door.

    Luckily I was at the mirror with one of the Spy Bags so that didn't get taken. And thankfully I didn't put my Miu Miu down!
  2. That is a crazy story!! I have never heard anything like that.
  3. that's erm... ballsy???

    Where was this?
  4. Bet they will be on sale/auction at eBay real soon! :cursing:
  5. oh my goodness. You must have watched it being played out in slow motion :wtf:

    So was the Fendi counter quite close to the door, wow, the cheek of them, those poor babies, leaving without their dustbags!!
  6. Which Fendi counter was this??
  7. Wow, unbelievable! Where did this happen? And don't those thieves know they will be on surveillance videos?
  8. My theory is that if people want to steal there is nothing stopping them. Both the boutique stores I frequent in the city have had things stolen as well. Just a month ago someone took a couple of the Miu Miu and Prada bags. And this was right next to the Gucci boutique. I'm glad they didn't go near you rjez. :sweatdrop:
  9. The Neiman store in Palo Alto, CA - Stanford Mall.
  10. Wow....that's crazy. I did notice that there's usually no one at the Fendi area in that store tho.