Fendi Bug Storage

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  1. I am loving my new Fendi Bug additions but just wondered how you ladies store yours? I have been keeping mine in their boxes laying on their backs laying on their dust bags, but wondered if they can get flat spots or do they fluff up OK? Or do you store them hanging up? I don't have a cupboard to put them in and worry about dust.
    Anyway, if anyone has some great ideas or photos of how they store them, would be great. :smile:
  2. Hi, Luv iz Louis! You can see some pictures or info on this thread:
    Btw, I'd like to store my buggies hanging inside some kind of linen cupboard so that they hang loose and freely. ;) But I don't have that kind of furniture/space in my apartment! :smile:
  3. Thank you I shall check out the thread - I would also like a linen press so they can hang freely along with my umpteen other charms - but I have been storing as pictured on that thread, laying down on their dustbag in the box.
  4. I prefer to hang my charms up using hooks. I feel like you can enjoy them more this way. I'm working on having a small area in my closet dedicated to hanging my bag bugs, right now some are scattered around my bags.

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  5. They are so cute, but I would want them behind doors as I know that dust can affect the fur especially if humid - as dust sticks...............
    I keep all my bags in their dust bags too, but wish I could have them all out to look at.
    I wish there was a perfect solution.......
  6. I like the pictures so much! :P Thanks for sharing, PetiteMalles! :smile:
  7. Totally agree. Sometimes I get paranoid so I rotate them out to the other side of my closet with doors.

    Really the only perfect solution is glass doors and a dehumidifier. This way everything is protected and still visible.
  8. I hang mine always in jewellery tree
    Inside glass cabinet
  9. So true but I guess most of us dont have the space and money to set up something like that - so guess dust bags it is :graucho:
  10. I agree! :smile: Btw, I store the buggies in their boxes, lying on their dustbags, but not inside their dustbags so that the cloth doesn't flatten the fur in their faces, and the box lid on top to protect them from dust. ;) And some small silica gel packets scattered around all the Fendi boxes. :amuse:
  11. Thank you, I am storing mine the same way too, so guess it will be OK. I don't put silica inside the boxes though, in fact I throw them away, I remember reading on the Chanel thread how a lady put one of those in her bag and it ate into the leather !!!! So I usually destroy those. But you are not putting them in your boxes, so I might do something similar around them too. Thank you xx
  12. OMG! Thanks for the info, Luv iz Louis! No, I'm not putting the silica gel packets inside the buggies boxes. I've put some around and they don't even touch the Fendi cardboard. ;)
  13. Your Bug-Kun is adorable :heart:
  14. Hello! I don't have a Fendi bug but I have a suggestion if you guys don't mind.
    I also have limited closet space. I want to see and admire my bags and at the same time keep them dust-free. This is what I use for my bags. There are 3 sizes, and depending on your needs, you can lay them vertically or horizontally. You can also buy those stick-on hooks from craft and hardware stores to hang your bugs. HTH! :smile:

  15. Wow, what a collection! Love them all!

    Ooo, a jewelry tree is a great idea! Thank you. :smile: