Fendi Buckled Wedge Mary Janes???

  1. Do any of you guys have these shoes and if you do, how do they fit...are they true to size, comfortable, etc? I bought them from Neiman Marcus, but my SA is sending them to me. I have never tried on this pair IRL, so she just is sending me things that should fit and we are going from there. LOL

    I am a third year medical student so I'm on my feet a lot running around being the doctors' B*&*H per se. LOL :yes:I still always like to wear fabulous shoes, but needed some more "understated" ones that were still cute and functional. So, are these comfy? They look like they would be. And, they also look like they would work well for me since the Fendi advertising is not OUT there. I don't wear "obvious" logos EVER to work so I don't get harassed. Thanks so much in advance! :smile:
    Fendi Buckled Wedge.jpg
  2. Nobody??? :shrugs:
  3. There are definitely some people on the Fendi subforum who have these.
  4. Thanks. Do I have to move it there or just repost? I'm very new so very clueless when it comes to this stuff. :smile:
  5. I don't own those, but I own the B. Buckle Peep Toes and I found they ran TTS. I am a 9.5 and I ordered that (39.5) and they fit me perfectly.
  6. Thanks for replying! I own the Fendi B Mules/Slides, but those are open toe as well, so just was curious since these were closed toe. These should work though. Thanks again!
  7. I think you'd have to repost or ask a moderator to move it :yes:
  8. Yes I have them!! In fact I'm wearing them right now!!! Haha. They are SUPER comfortable. I wear them everywhere, all day long. :smile:
  9. Who am I kidding? I think these shoes are adorable, especially for work. I'll keep them even if I discover they hurt my feet. LOL
  10. Thanks for the info!