Fendi Buckled Wedge Mary Jane

  1. What do you think of these?
  2. i love 'em i was actually thinking abt getting them
  3. I don't think they're bad looking. I'd just like a little more change in color to accent some of the shoe. Like maybe if it had different color stitching or something.
  4. Cute wedge but I think the buckle is too big and overpowering. I think they would be adorable w/o the buckle, IMO.
  5. I agree. Too plain for me.:smile:
  6. I love 'em! I love the bold but understated buckle - wow!
  7. Sooo cute, I'd buy these ! :yes:
  8. they're really cute...:heart:the buckle!
  9. Thanks everyone. I ordered them and will see how they look on my feet. I thought they were really cute and different for Mary Janes!
  10. yay post pics when u get them
  11. Oh I wish they made them in ballet flats!