FENDI - brown nappa 'Spy' bag on Bluefly

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  1. Already gone ... Yikes!!
  2. Its on now....
  3. You know what bugs me about bluefly sometimes is their misrepresentation of the retail price. Was this nappa bag really $2200? I thought it was $2075 or $2100. I remember seeing this on Saks.com. So, it's definitely a discount, but not exactly 20%.

    This is not true for all of the bags on there..but for example: there's a YSL bag that's "on sale" for the retail price at Saks. I saw the exact bag in Vegas.

    Oh well - it doesn't stop me from ordering from them, because if I have a coupon code, it's still a sale for me!
  4. Too bad...it's gone now. But at $1760, do you guys think it's a good deal? The color is not that great.
  5. code NEXTJUMP10 for additional discount on Bluefly (existing customers)
  6. code NEWN15 for new customers