Fendi Blue patent B bag....yay or nay

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  1. I have a Fendi boue patent bag in medium size holding for me..>Should I go ahead to order it or just pass this one? I have seen the pics on mag and it is stunning. I am just not sure whether it is a keeper cuz dont want to return stuff..:oh:
  2. love the B bag, and the bright versions of it (red, blue). I say order it!
  3. i love the color, so i say yay, go for it!
  4. Alright, it is on its way to me....this is the 1st patent leather bag for me. Worried about how to take care of this bag. I am glad I found it cause I have called NY fendi boutique and they said they never got all blue patent in their store.Dunno whether it is true.
  5. Ayeee, I love love love the blue and the red patent B bags. I'm excited for you!!
  6. I've seen the blue patent at the fendi store... like a dark sky blue.. SO GORGEOUS!

    So hard to find nice designer bags in the bright colours.. i say GO FOR IT!!! and patent is classic! =P
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