Fendi blue denim spy bag

  1. gone
  2. Its Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish i could get it but i am on a purchasing freeze!!!
  3. Do you guys realize that it is 20% off of an original price that is incorrect? The bag is currently $1970, not $1500 like the site posts. Use a 20% code from the blue fly thread and u get $1,000 off.....that is a steal from bluefly.

    I didnt buy because i just ordered the grey wisteria from jomashop

  4. Good looking out. You are right, It's real retail price is $1940 at Saks.com


    The price at bluefly is a real bargain, especially with 15% coupon code. ITS STILL AVAILABLE!

    Hope someone gets it! :smile:
  5. I already had one of my friends order one....use code SHOP335 and an unregistered email address, it gets 20% off
  6. OMG!!! AH AH AH AH AH! such a good deal!

    =( too bad I'm too broke to get it.
  7. HOLY MOLY, that's a good deal. :nuts:
  8. wow, that is a super deal!!! i have it in my shopping bag on hold now... i don't know if I can pass this up!!!
  9. Did you get it? I am on-line and would love to get this bargain if you decide not to:smile:
  10. .
  11. OMG, i really couldn't let this super bargain go so i decided to go ahead and buy it then for now. I'm gonna wait to see it IRL and try it on and then see if i wanna keep it or not. otherwise, if i missed this deal and changed my mind later when it's gone, i might go crazy!!

    keep your eyes open though. they refresh their stock once in a while. i don't know if it's returns or they get more in?? it wasn't there 2 days ago and i just kept checking. good luck!!

    a brand new spy for under a thousand!!!! WOOO HOO!:nuts:
  12. After all the posts a few months about Bleufly and the fake B. bags they were selling I think I would be scared to buy a bag off them.
  13. What a steal!!!