Fendi bimetal spy?

  1. Is there such a thing as a bimatal spy bag. Also, could I have opinions on this bag? Thanks in advance.
  2. I haven't heard of bi-metal but there's a metallic spy thats new. It looks like the zucca/nappa except instead of leather its a metallic bronzy color fabric that's soft. I didn't think I liked it but it looks better in real life than in pictures. Is this what you're talking about?
  3. Bluefly.com once had the gold Spy with gold handles listed that they called 'bimetal'.
  4. Both the gold/silver spy and the silver/gold spy are considered bimetals. The reason why is that the leather has both of the colors on it. For both these bags, the leather handles are gold. Mine looks like a silver bag that was swooned with gold. As a result, the bubbly texture is all gold, but the low areas of the leather sheen of silver. I'll look for a picture somewhere.
  5. Oh! I've never heard them being called that, just "metallic". Thanks for the info:tup:
  6. Oh yeah and for opinions on the bag(s)..I like the silver one better than gold although many like it the other better (personal preference). Here's some pics:[​IMG]
    Gold: [​IMG]

    Silver: [​IMG]

    (pics from Litigatrix and Pyrexia)
  7. yes, thats it. I researched like crazy yesterday and came to the conclusion its a silver bag with gold handles. Thanks for the pics!
  8. I love Love LOVE the silver one!!! The gold one's great too, but I like the silver much more.
  9. I love the gold, I had to sell mine, but I miss it.
  10. I saw that in the boutique and just fell in love with it.
  11. both are nice ..I like the gold more
  12. yes, it's a very pretty bag. the authenticity card describes the bag as "bimetal", hence the name (and the fact that it is, as said before, both gold and silver).
  13. Are the gold and silver spy bags up on Ann's Fabulous Finds the same as these two? Her pics look much brighter than these, and thus, I hesitated to purchase one of hers as we go into Fall. If the colors shown on this thread are more realistic, then I would DEFINITELY wear one of these going into cooler weather! I just love the burnished leather look...:drool: