Fendi Bear

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  1. Hey does anybody know where i can buy a fendi bear? Or any other cool designer robots for that matter?!!! Im looking for something like it for a friends birthday in acouple days :confused1:
  2. I know Gucci makes bears.
  3. unfortunately the bears you are talking about were limited edition, so they're probably sold out unless you can find some on ebay.

    Why don't you buy her a dior teddy necklace, if you're specifically looking for a bear those are cute :smile:
  4. Oh yeah I totally forgot about those LE bears.
  5. Does Fendi make articulated teddy bears? I know they produced a series of limited edition Bearbricks to coincide with the launch of their Fendi Forever bags:


    And here's my golden pair (pictured with a white Selleria double-coil bracelet):

  6. I recently saw two different sets on eBay. I dont know if they are still there or not, but check it out!