Fendi Baulotto Spy

  1. I was just reading someone else's post about styledrops.com and decided to check it out. It is supposed to be authentic right? Anyways, I came across what appeared to be a smaller version of the spy. I have never seen one before. I'm small and I think that the original Fendi spy is a bit big for the summer bag that I am searching for right now (still waiting for my gaucho). However, this bag seems to be that exact size that I am lookig for in a summer bag. So, can anyone tell me what they know about this bag. Dimensions, how much it is in the store or any other information would be helpful. I'll post the pictures from the website.
  2. I have this bag in a maroon nappa leather.

    It's looooooooooooooooovely. It's very easy to carry, and to take care of - plus you can fit a ton in it, without it looking huge!

    Do you want me to take pictures of the bag avec moi?

  3. Yes please take pictures. Is the bag difficult to find and if you don't mind me asking how much is it in the store?
  4. Just for a PF member :smile:

    I paid 1400 Canadian for it.

    Sorry about the horrible pictures - I try!

    The second is with my Poche Toilette Medium. It fits in the bag, with my long Coach Signature Wallet, my Porte Tresor Internationale (when I had it.. sob sob), cell phone and sunglasses case.

    I'm affording no compensation to those who may be blinded by my hideous study-grungeness attire.
    Fendi Baby 1.jpg Fendi Baby 2.jpg Fendi Baby 3.jpg
  5. I saw it at NM a couple weeks ago but I can't remember the price. Sorry.
  6. i believe it is 1300. cute bag!
  7. yes it is $1300, i purchased one from the fendi store in petrol. it's really cute. i'm short and small and thought the regular one was too big for me, so the smaller one is perfect!
  8. it's a great bag, i actually like it better than the regular spy. it's especially beautiful in white! i saw one in Saks a few weeks ago. and styledrops.com is definately authentic.
  9. There you go...NikNak022! The Purse Forum comes through again!!...don't you love these girls!...so helpful!
  10. WOW-Great pics ..love that bag!!
  11. Now I want it! I like this one too

  12. Just for curiosity, does anyone know whether there has been celebrity sightings with the Baulotto? Is this bag supposed to the IT bag of S/Su 2006? :wondering
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    Please make sure the sites you post are 100% authentic.
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  15. there's a pic of jessica simpson carrying the baby spy in black somewhere on the internet, but I dont know when it is from