Fendi Baguetts at a Sample Sale

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  1. I just went to a sample sale today and saw a few different Fendi Baguettes for $450. There was a pony hair one for $695. I usually like to buy leather bags, and the baguettes there were all satin materials with some beads or embroideries on them. :s

    Do you guys think at that price they are simply amazing steals that I must get one? Or should I shell out a couple hundred more for the pony hair one? Or should I just hold back because I wasn't really in love with any of them.

    The sample sale ends Sunday, so I got a couple more days to decide. I'd appreciate any suggestions. :shame:
  2. ohhh! i love the baguettes....
    but imo, there're so many styles, that you just have to go with one you like; there're alot i just wouldn't carry cos the style's not me..

    pony hair's a bit tricky - don't they have problems with baldness? (or is that just bbags?) if not, it sound lovely, i'd personally love one.

    it seems like an awesome price; i don't know what their resale is like, if that's what you're wondering, but you're def seeing them for much less than full retail.

    i say if there's nothing you like... then let it pass. or, find out what its resale is like so you can get one you actually want.
  3. i say gp for the one u really like ...if there are none u like then pass it ...
    i love them too but they're over prices here in dubai ( limited editions mostly)
  4. Where is/was the sale? I'm in NY as well...

    Anyway, I love the baguettes - especially the rarer ones...sequins, fur, any type of embellishments. If you like it, go for it!

  5. It ended on Sunday. :sad: It was at the Surrey Hotel on 76th and Madison. They are having another one this week though. It's going to be at the Storeham Hotel this time I believe.
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