Fendi Baguette Online Pop-Up Store!

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  1. This is just flat out horrible news for my pocketbook!! Fendi has created an online pop-up store for their new baguettes and (what I think is the most tempting), they've re-released some of the older styles!!


  2. OMG why did I discover this?! I love the baguette, and this is the perfect chance to finally add one to my collection.
  3. At least when they were seasonal you were limited by the small-ish number of styles released. Now it's like, "I want you, and you, and you, and...". Sigh.... :love:
  4. I used to never really care much for FENDI Baguettes but now that I'm looking to get a small party bag that looks fantastic I'm seriously considering getting one them. They are amazing!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
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  6. here are my two recent purchases. Aren't they beautiful? they are:
    Fendi Beaded Satin Baguette and Fendi Embroidered Green Lizard Baguette
    I'll only use them for a very special occasion. I want to display rather than store them, any suggestions.
    image-1839352365.jpg image-2583276226.jpg
  7. I love your Green Baguette. Did you buy them online? Do they come in their original boxes? I never own a baguette before but I think they should be kept in boxes otherwise their shapes might be ruined..
  8. I bought both of them from an online luxury purse seller. one didn't have its dustie. I have the boxes they were shipped in but I really want to see them. I was going to shape them with tissue paper then put in a plastic cube from an organizer store. then I have to find a place large enough for 2 cubes (ha ha). they are bigger than you'd think 12x6x2 with a 6in drop.
  9. do you have "baguettes"? if so send pics....