Fendi baguette on sex and the city? help!

  1. This is a long shot! but..

    I was watching the sex and the city episode 'what comes around goes around' from season 3 a few days ago and i've fallen in love with the bag carrie had in the scene when her and samantha are walking down the street on there way to the college party.

    Im 90% sure its a fendi baguette, but it was slightly bigger than normal ones.

    It was a really lovely pink colour , kind of glittery/sparkely.

    I've been looking for a picture but cant find one.

    Can anyone confirm its a fendi and does anyone know if they still sell them? thanks
  2. yes,yes,i have been thinking about that bag too when i seen that episode. it's also in the episode when she just starts to meet aidan...it is a fendi and i think its a mama bag. the baguettes are usually the smaller ones. i want that bag also.
  3. i had that bag! but sold it again since the seller did not disclose a tear on the fabric of the bag. it is a mama baguette. it has square milky-pink sequins all over it. they hit eBay around 2003. i had a great time hunting for any sequin baguettes and almost fell prey to the infamous monaco_babe on eBay for a red sequin one. finally managed to get a white sequin baguette. i think they have a variety of sequined baguettes, some with lizard/snake skin, some 'normal' plain leather, some with nice 'stone' on their buckles, some normal buckles. but the effect are similar, all are nice and sparkly! i think eBay is the only way now. good luck, happy hunting, and take care against the 'monsters' of ebay!
  4. If you find any on ebay please get it authenticated on the *authenticate this* thread! Goodluck!
  5. there is an exact one in beige on Ebay mama style with paillettes they call them. The seller is a bit strange though, I was going to buy it but decided not to it is $900
  6. The same color comes in a baguette as well. I think I have that one.