Fendi Baguette Missing Rhinestones! HELP!

  1. I am a girl who LOVES her fancy Fendi Baguettes. I was heartbroken to find one of my rarely worn favs missing a rhinestone! (see pic). :cursing: Any baguette owners out there have any suggestions? Can I find extra stones somewhere since I didn't receive extras when it was purchased? HELP! - one of my babies is injured! :sad:
    Missing Rhinestone!.jpg
  2. Beautiful bag, can you not take it to Fendi I am sure they would fix this for you
  3. Thank you Saich2! I would love to be close to a Fendi store, but the closest boutique is 7 hours away. :sad: (which is also a GOOD thing in some cases!) ;)
  4. Why not phone them? If they can send it for repair, you could always ship it.
  5. I think it's better to go back to Fendi for it. It wouldn't be a good idea to do it youself as it may damage the bag if not done properly.
  6. In cases where you can't walk into a boutique, call them up. There were a number of times when I've been away and discovered an injury (the latest was on my large BBag) and phoned them up. They'll give you instructions on how and where to send your baby in to get all mended up.

    Good luck!

    Lovely baguette, btw!
  7. super baguette, I just bough 6 new buckles for my baguettes including the one like yours, exactly like yours. I bought mine from Selfridges in London and they could not have been more helpful there. It cost £50, which I though was cheap so I bought a load of jazzy ones to sex up my collection a bit. some were cheaper £30 ($60). Call Fendi I am sure they will help. Thoses sort of buckles however often lose their stones, you may want to get another type. good luck