FENDI Baguette Large

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  1. hello.
    who is enjoying the large size of baguette... since I dont have a store to walk in .. I called CS just to get a feel of the size (medium vs Large) yeah I was desparate .. wish there was a store so I can touch and try on the 2 sizes....
    CS said that the large size was not meant to be worn crossbody....
    anyhoo... anyone own the large size and loving it ??? I was torn between the 2 and after talking to CS .. the large size was more readily access to me given the location.
    thx for any tips.
  2. Hi,
    I have the large baguette and absolutely love it. The size is perfect, doesn't seem too big yet I have been really happy with the fact that it fits so much. My cosmetics case, wallet, phone, and even a small umbrella when it was raining. It will definitely get lots of use. I can't wear it as a crossbody though, which is fine, I tried on other straps at Fendi but none of them seemed long enough. ~Jen
  3. jennypenny, I am so happy to hear you are enjoying it ..
    since i cant touch and feel it before buying out .. I did not know what to do .. after talking to CS .. I could order the large ( I am close to doing this) .. the medium would be a waiting game...
    OR wait until I travel to a city with FENDI which would be later this year, and there is no guarantee then it would be in store ...
    decisions, decisions... thanks for your input. though I wish it could be worn crossbody easily...
  4. You can always purchase another (longer) strap - by a different designer though - that's what the sales assoc told me some people do. I have a Lady Dior strap that I may clip onto the Fendi and see how it looks. I really wanted a chain strap for crossbody - but Fendi only offers that w/the mini. It's been fine though. The larger has a less formal feel than the smaller bags, in my opinion. That said, you should see the bag in person before purchasing. I would want to size it up, look in the mirror, etc. It's a big investment.
  5. I know about big investment.. its just I dont have FENDI in my city and when I called CS to find out if there was around my city , they said no.
    but i agree 100%, but i want this bag .. first world problems... i know.
  6. I link the short strap with the long strap - and end up with a comfortable crossbody strap.
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  7. monsti. thanks for that idea....
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  8. I recently saw a YouTuber that has 2 videos on this bag. Her name is EmmVeeMommie. She does some mod shots and has a what’s in my bag video. It may help with your decision.
  9. Thx for heads up will check it out
  10. Monsti, can you please show a picture of how you link the two straps together and also show us a modshot? Zthat would be incredibly helpful!
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