Fendi bags on sale at barneys.com

  1. Wow!! Great deals!!
  2. Are you kidding me!? Are those prices for real!? Thank you for sharing! :yahoo:
  3. Awwwww, they're so mean! The Spys aren't on sale. :sad:
  4. Damn! Why don't those B bags come in black?!! I'd soo totally grab them! :hysteric:
  5. nice bags
  6. i like this one:

  7. i like the b bags...but for some reason those bucket ones always scream death to me!!
  8. I just went to Barney's and bought 4 B bags--a regular and east-west in camel, and a regular and east/west in brown. I thought I would be able to sell 3 on eBay and keep one for myself (have been coveting the B bag for a while now). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I can sell them on eBay for more than what I paid. Sucks. Where do those eBay people find these things for so cheap, or are they all fake??

  9. The only one left is the first bucket.
  10. Sigh--love those boots and the belt! At least my Barney's bags sold, so now I get to keep one--yay!