Fendi Bags being offered as "authentic" from the UK

  1. You've probably noticed the large number of Fendi Spy bags being offered for "buy it now" prices of $70 or $80 (plus about $40 or $50 for shipping). I noticed that all of the sellers of these bags (or at least the majority) were from the UK and all had feedback ratings of 50 or less (most had positive feedback, but not as sellers, only as buyers). I emailed one of these sellers to ask if he/she could send an image of the inside of the bag. The seller emailed back that his account had been "hacked into" and that I should not buy the bag. He/she then took the listings (there were about 10) down. Now, I had been watching this listing for a few days. How does someone "hack into" your ebay account, post listings under your name, and you don't realize it until someone emails you?

    This is very bizarre.
  2. To be fair this happened to me, ie someone listed something under my id. This does sound a bit strange tho!
  3. if your password is easily guessed anyone can hijack your account and list things under your name.

    Normally the hijackers change the passwords and emaill addresses so that the account owners can't access their own accounts. it looks like the hickeers in this case didn't do that.
  4. I don't know how the scammers do it (I'm very low-tech), but it happens more often than you'd think. Over on the eBay boards, the posters mention it frequently. Designer bags are a favorite target.
  5. This is VERY common - called hijacked accounts.
  6. At least two lessons:

    1. use a long password that combines numbers and letters
    2. download and use ebay's free toolbar -- it will alert you if you try to enter your ebay and paypal passwords on websites that aren't ebay or paypal. Can save you a LOT of grief!