Fendi bag, need help

  1. Hi,

    I bought a Fendi 8BR091 recently. I inspected the bag, it comes with (1) authenticity card, (2) serial number on a leather piece and hologram on the inside pocket of the bag, (3) Fendi engraved on the side of the buckle, (4) at the back of the magnetic snap closure, the screws are aligned, (5) stitching on the leather strap is even and with same colour, (6) lining of the bag has little Fendi words, (7) metal plague inside the bag has "Fendi" and "Made in Italy". Is there anything else I should be looking out for? If there is anything I should be concerned of, then I think I might still be able to return the bag.

    This is how the bag looks like, I didn't buy from this store:

    Need your help please.
  2. I think that the leather looks a bit to shiny. Almost like a rubbery or plastic look. But I would have to feel the leather and see it to know for sure.
  3. Hi Fendilover2822,

    I didn't buy from that store. What if there is leather smell for the strap?
  4. I'm afraid just because the straps are made of leather, doesn't make the bag authentic. The real key to authenticating the bag would be to examine the font and serial number format of the hologram serial tag and leather serial tags.
  5. hi Greendrv,

    do you have a sample how exactly the font and serial number format of the hologram and the leather serial tag are like? hope you can help me out on this one.