Fendi bag model and value

  1. Hi all,

    I have been lucky enought to inherit my mums bag collection of which the following Fendi bag is included:


    Could anybody be kind enough to advise the name of this bag and current market value.

  2. HI! That's a baguette! :smile:
  3. i wonder if designer bags actually have market value. i have so many that i spent a lot of $$$ on but honestly don't think they're even worth 1/2 retail price that i paid. that doesn't stop me from buying though.
  4. wow the bag looks pretty newww too :smile:
  5. This is true. The only two designers that I know do not decrease much in value once you leave the boutique are Hermes and Chanel..HOWEVER, that doesn't stop me either!!!:biggrin:
  6. buying a bag is like buying a new car, when you leave the lot it looses 25% of its value.
  7. What is Karung skin?