Fendi bag is sucks

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    I just bought Kan I bag as Christmas gift from me to me. Costs $2250 + tax at Bloomingdales . I loved color so much but interior lining was light beige (almost off white) . So I decide to exchange to another kan I bag but darker interior lining .
    However SA said that there were couple of stain inside and suede lining on the flap already dirty .
    I swear that I did not use , not even tried what would fits inside . I just open flap and check inside . That is all. The bag was display model and there was black mark outside when I checked but SA cleaned for me . I assume that stain inside was made by someone else at store.
    I know I was naive that did not check inside carefully .
    Anyway the bag went to cleaning , which is within warranty .
    What I want to say here is that ladies and gentleman , be careful to buy bags . Sadly you need to check everything before you take home. Otherwise they don’t exchange
    Never ever buy a light color lining , it get so dirty even you are not use it yet.
    Don’t buy display model . Always ask new from back room.
  2. Thanks for the warning. It's so frustrating when the SA's (at any brand) act like you're trying to trick them. I hope the bag comes back all clean on the inside. Is there something you can spray on the lining to keep it from getting dirty? A suede protectant? Is the inside lining suede? It looks like in the pictures....I've never handled a Kan I in real life before. But congrats on such a gorgeous bag.
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  3. Ugh how frustrating - that would be so upsetting, but it's a good reminder to check the bag you take home to be sure you aren't getting a bag with stains!
  4. 68278994-1E1B-46B9-AAEF-4EB284496FB1.jpeg 9455190E-3C03-4F6F-BB96-2C0588AB7799.jpeg The black colour on the handle of my Fendi 2jours is peeling.. anyone else has this issue?
  5. I’m curious about this too. Im new to Fendi and i thought that their leather was really durable but I found this bag online and saw how bad the peeling was on the handles.


    I bought it bc I love this bag even though it probably looks dated and haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Plus the price was good (I think?) even with the wear but just surprised how bad the handles look. Anybody know if they can be fixed and if so, how much it would cost? Thanks!!
  6. Yeah this shouldn’t happen to a premium bag like fendi. It got me curious because I purchased it from a reputable site with authentication service and I even brought it for verification in local fendi boutique. So I’m pretty sure it’s authentic.
  7. Coloured leathers where the colour is sprayed on rather than stained into the leather is prone to peeling over time. The colour ("paint") has a different chemical composition than the leather below, so with wear and tear, it can peel and separate from the leather. This can happen especially to refinished leathers like Saffiano and Fendi's Elite since the leather finish doesn't even look like leather (it actually resembles plastic), meaning that the coloured spray that has been applied behaves similarly to a thin layer of plastic.

    The peeled parts can be sanded down and redyed by a cobbler, or a leather specialist.
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  8. Thank you so much for the information. At least it comforts me more that its authentic.
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  9. I’m so sorry this happened to you! I would possibly try a nice handbag organizer inside or something? It will keep it clean :smile:
  10. This happened to my 2jours too, the handle keeps on peeling off!!
  11. good to know!
  12. Happen to mine, I sold it.
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but is there a way to know whether a leather has been ‘spray painted/dyed’ as described above? I just bought a gorgeous Fendi 2jour mini in the sale and have not carried her yet - but now I’m having concerns whether that was a wise purchase?
    Is such color peeling covered by warranty?
  14. If the leather feels like it has been heavily finished, like Saffiano-type leathers which tend to have a plasticky feel, then the leather is more prone to peel and/or crack where there is lots of friction, bending, and/or folding. This is usually made worse with moisture which damages the leather.

    Fendi leather isn't that delicate. It depends on how you wear it. Most people report no problems with leathers like Prada's Saffiano, Fendi Elite, or even Michael Kors' Saffiano.
  15. Thank you so much for hour reply, averagejoe!
    My bag is in smooth calf with python trimmings, so does not sound like too much of a risk.
    I was surprised that color peel would even happen with Fendi at all!
    Now I look forward to carry my new baby with joy!
    Here she is - I detached the fob, but you get the picture
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